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September 18, 2010 / / Android

The one that’s with you. At least according to author and photographer Chase Jarvis who wrote the similarly titled book. It’s for iPhone photographers but the idea applies for all camera enabled smart phones. For me a phone served only one purpose, making phone calls. At least that’s what I thought until buying my new smart phone the Android based…

June 10, 2010 / / personal

If you don’t know what is in the picture, well, you’re not alone. I only knew that it’s part of my air conditioning system. That changed last week, when after raining for almost 3 weeks and having 15 degrees Celsius (fifty something Fahrenheit), on last Friday summer arrived with 31 degrees (88 Fahrenheit) my aircon stopped working. Yesterday finally I…

April 14, 2010 / / personal

It was a long time ago since I last wrote in my blog. Actually I traveled a lot and had literally no time to shoot. One of the exceptions were my sister’s wedding where of course I took my camera, though the official photographer was somebody else. So I mostly enjoyed my time being with my big family and shoot…

January 2, 2010 / / personal

We were getting ready for the in-laws to come over and play some Dutch Blitz. Yes, there are crazy Hungarians playing that game and we managed to get our hands on a deck of cards and seduce the family to play. This candle was in the middle of the table shedding some light and apple-cinnamon scent in the air.

January 2, 2010 / / people

We spent the last day of the year together with some friend in our church. Home made foods, cookies, lots of games, laughter and fun. Happy New Year to everyone! [mbspremium slideshow=1 title=”KEGY New Year’s Eve” subtitle=”2009″]