Frequent flyer

How do you know that you actually travel too much to one destination? Well,

  1. Upon arrival you show the directions to your hotel to the taxi driver.
  2. The clerk at the hotel greets you by name and hands your key to you without asking anything.
  3. When you know that the taxi driver tries to cheat you by taking a longer route to the airport.
  4. When you start recognizing the people behind the boarding counter at an international airport.
  5. When you know at which support column you find an electric plug to charge your computer.

+1. When it doesn’t strike you by surprise that you’re flying with (in)famous politicians and/or the Prime Minister.

Well, it wasn’t also too surprising that after checking in online my seat from the 5th row was changed to another one in the 24th row. Which I offered to a young mom so she could be with her toddler ( so they could sit next to each other). Apparently I was the only one who had this idea while she was standing in the isle rows behind her daughter waiting for the boarding to end. This fact actually caught me by surprise.

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