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What an unbelievable night! I still can’t believe that I was there singing and praising God together with my friends and Michael W. Smith. I don’t even know where to start. Okay, here it is.

As I was preparing for the concert a thought came to me. It was 15 years ago in April, when I received Christ into my life.  It was an Englist camp with Christian teachers, and my teacher told a lot about Christ, God, and I realized how much I needed him. When she left, she gave me an album titled “Top 10 Christian Songs”. That was the first time I heard about Christian singers and Michael W. Smith (the song from him was “I will be here for you”). Actually the teacher lived here in Hungary for awhile and we became friends. 11 years ago, she moved back to the States with her family.

Guess what: She came to visit us a couple of days ago and we also bought her a ticket for the concert. My friend and one of my favourite singers together in place and time. The concert was totally a surprise for her, she didn’t even know what concert we will go to until she accidentally saw a ticket in the line while we were waiting to enter the concert hall.

The guest band was Starfield, a band from Canada, and they rocked! They played really good songs to “warm-up” the crowd and after a couple minutes later the show began.

I just can’t find words to describe the event. About 5000 people, all over from Hungary, Austria, Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, etc, were singing together and I believe we even surprised Michael himself. Anyway the concert was an excelent mix of the album “The New Hallelujah” and some old songs, like “Friends”, which was really a proper song because I was there with some of my long time friends.

I wish I could post you some photos, but we decided to enjoy the concert and left our cameras at home. But there is already a video on You Tube so you can experience the essence of the night:

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