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There is a first time to everything. It was my first time to shoot a family portrait and also a first time I had to do it in B&W.  Anyway, I was quite nervous but Marc, Lotti and Joshia made this first time a pleasure.

Lotti and Marc met in Lotti’s old church where they were both visiting at that time. Lotti was asked to translate the service to Marc and at the end they exchanged phone numbers and the rest is history… Marc proposed her at his favorite place in England on a usual foggy and rainy day. They were married in the summer of 2005.

Their son, Joshia,was born on the 15th January, 2009. Due to some malpractice he had no heartbeat and breathing for 4 minutes during labor. Thanks to God, he has no brain damage, but his muscles are stiff, so they moved to Hungary so he could get the DSGM-treatment (Dévény Special Manual Technique and Gymnastic Method). He is a funny little guy and by God’s grace he will have a full recovery.















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  1. May 23, 2009

    Congratulation for these nice & brilliant photoes. These are really good. Not talking abt. short story at the begging :) !
    Evi, one of Lotti’s best friend

  2. Deborah
    July 29, 2009

    Marc and Lotti,

    I just went back over these pictures to reconnect with you guys. At first I was afraid that they wouldn’t be there anymore and it looks like they may drop off pretty soon but I also enjoyed looking at his other work. He is a very good photographer. Anyway it was good to see you again. I know you have been through alot – even since these pictures where taken but I also know that God is right there with you. I am hoping to respond to your other emails so I will go there now.

    Blessings and love you guys

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