I don’t know if I’m considered to be a frequent flyer (according to my card I’m), but during spring and autumn I have to travel almost weekly. Getting to the end of my trips I always realize that there most exhausting part of my trips is not the flying itself but the waiting. Long before the flight I’m already waiting for the shuttle to take me to the airport, then I’m waiting for the security check and then for the boarding. Then on the other side of Europe I wait on the bus to take me to the terminal, then for there taxi to take me to my hotel.

Don’t get me wrong I like traveling but waiting adds hours to my otherwise 2 hours long flight. Today I had the privilege to finish earlier than planned, do I had a chance to spend 5 hours at the airport waiting for boarding. So I decided to spend some of it with a bowl of tomato soup, a nice streak and Sherlock Holmes while gazing out the window watching other airplanes took off.


Sometimes I’m just daydreaming about meeting someone I know I never will. But this is me, and though I’m painfully realistic (some would argue I’m pessimistic) I’m still daydreaming though I know its most likely they will never come through. But who knows, maybe one day…


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