I’m Cool Again

If you don’t know what is in the picture, well, you’re not alone. I only knew that it’s part of my air conditioning system. That changed last week, when after raining for almost 3 weeks and having 15 degrees Celsius (fifty something Fahrenheit), on last Friday summer arrived with 31 degrees (88 Fahrenheit) my aircon stopped working.

Yesterday finally I was able to get to my mechanic who found a leak on one of the pipes. Actually as I found out it was the low pressure pipe. First I called the car dealership (Renault) to find out if they have any spare parts and how much does it cost. They had none but the price was shocking: about 53500 HUF (about 230 USD). So I checked if there were any other options. I found one that is made by the factory’s supplier. The price was 14500 HUF (63 USD) but there was a slight problem… it’s not in production yet. So I called another spare part retailer/junkyard where I found the missing part for 5000 HUF (21 USD). I just had to drive for it in the noon sunshine and sweating my pants off but I got it and my mechanic installed it. And it just work fine! So I’m cool again.

And the best part? I’m writing this from my Droid. Never thought I would do something like this, but here I am.

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